Nook Color was Barnes & Noble’s best selling item this holiday

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Nook Color
Barnes & Noble isn’t going to sit quietly while Amazon touts the new Kindle as the website’s best selling product ever. The brick-and-mortar book store was happy to announce it’s newest eBook reader, the Nook Color was it’s best selling item this year.

As is normal for eBook reader sales, Barnes & Noble won’t say exactly how many Nook Colors were sold. The only number given was that the retailer has sold “millions” of Nooks since the launch fo the first version. Demand of the Nook Color surprised Barnes & Noble, the company wasn’t expecting to see so many people to want the $250 tablet. The big question is how many people bought the device to root it to have a $250 Android tablet, and how many people wanted the device as it was shipped.

Like Amazon, Barnes & Noble announced that on Christmas the company saw a huge spike in eBook sales. Over a million eBooks were sold to Barnes & Noble customers that day. Sales of eBooks have eclipsed sales of books on the company’s website, but are still smaller than the sale of book in retail stores. That’s not exactly surprising given that there are a lot of brick-and0mortar B&N stores, and it’s online prices tend to be a bit higher than some others like Amazon.

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