Clear discontinues iOS device-only iSpot

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Clear iSpot Sad news for those who are hoping to get a 4G connection on their new iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Today Clear announced that it’s iOS device-only 4G, the iSpot, will be discontinued.

Before being discontinued, the iSpot was found to be easily fooled into letting other devices connect to the 4G network. The experience was capped at 6 MBbps down, but that’s not bad considering the fee for the iSpot was just $25 per month. Other Clear modems have no cap ont he speed, but cost $45 per month.

Clear is still selling through the stock fo the iSpot, so if it sounds like a good deal, you have to be quick to pick up the $100 device. Even if you don’t want to go through the process of fooling the MAC address filtering, it might not be a terrible idea. That’s especially true if the next iPad brings all the improvements that are rumored to come. Being able to Facetime anywhere in the 71 markets Clear’s 4G is available in isn’t a bad deal.

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