Verizon lowers Samsung Galaxy Tab pricing by $100, now down to to $499

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It looks like Verizon has lowered the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and lowered it by a nice $100. That means those interested can pick up a Galaxy Tab for $499 as opposed to $599. In addition, word is that anyone who made a purchase in the previous two weeks will be eligible for a $100 refund on that purchase. Plus, as if the new $499 price tag was not enough, Verizon is also tossing in a $60 credit that will allow you to rent movies through either the Samsung Media Hub or Blockbuster apps. With that, this price cut seems to have been confirmed with a few Verizon retail locations, however at present the Verizon website is still showing the pre-price cut pricing. That said, we expect that to change sooner rather than later, maybe even before you get to read this.

Product [Verizon] Via [Droid-Life]

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