10-inch, Honeycomb OS and other juicy details about the Toshiba tablet revealed

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Toshiba Tablet

The latest company to jump into the Android bandwagon and so we heard is Toshiba. Reports had it that Toshiba is preparing to launch its own tablet device, tentatively known as, well Toshiba tablet. While it’s name may not be as enticing as the LG Optimus Pad or the Motorola Droid, the Toshiba tablet got a few exciting features that may excite more than those other Android tablets. If you want to know, the Toshiba tablet will be running the tablet version of the Android OS which we know is coded – Honeycomb. Aside from this, said tablet will also sport a slightly bigger, 10-inch screen display.

Exciting, right? Unfortunately, Toshiba is not to release the said tablet until June 2011. Since it’s almost half-a-year from now, the tablet’s market is still unknown. But like, all the other upcoming tablets, the Toshiba tablet will be priced reasonably to give it a better chance at the tablet market. Additional information about the appearance of this tablet include – more than half an inch thick, 1.7 lbs, and a form factor that is a bit thicker than the iPad.

When it comes to features, aside from Android Honeycomb, the Toshiba tablet will also be HD video playback at 1080p resolution, HDMI port, Flash support, NVIDIA Tegra 2 chips, a 2MP front-facing camer, 5MP rear camera, Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS, Bluetooth, USB port, mini USB port and SD memory card slot.

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