Not at CES 2011: HTC Scribe tablet

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HTC Scribe Android powered tablet

According to DigiTimes, we won’t see the HTC Scribe tablet at CES this year. The HTC Scribe is supposedly an Android powered 7″ tablet destined to compete with the Samsung tab (and the billions introduced this week from both well known firms and those you wouldn’t expect such as Vizio). Word is the Scribe will get its day in the sun later this year in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress.

HTC has been playing with Android from the start and a tablet from them would make just as much sense as one from everyone else. Many have wondered when HTC would get in the tablet game as we’ve seen tablets shown off by Android phone builders such as Samsung and Motorola. It looks like it just a matter of time.

So far, there is little detail about the Scribe. We’ve seen a patent filing around the unit. Questions such as will it have the Sense UI skin similar to HTC phones remain unanswered.

Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit longer for answers.

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