CES 2011: Samsung unveils the SH100 Wi-Fi digital camera

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Samsung SH100

Samsung’s contribution to CES 2011 comes in the form of a new digital camera which is actually not your ordinary digital camera because of one major feature – connectivity. And when we say connectivity we mean Wi-Fi connectivity which will allow you to directly share photos over the Internet and social networks just as soon as you’ve captured them. The new Samsung camera dubbed SH100 is being geared as Samsung’s leading fully connected camera for 2011.

While Wi-Fi-enabled digital camera may not be a new stuff anymore as we may have seen a couple of them came out before, one nice feature of the Samsung SH100 is that you can connect the camera to your Android powered Galaxy S phone, letting you view the shot you’re about to take in real time on your photo. So, this means that you can zoom in and out and remotely activate the camera’s shutter using your Android Galaxy phone. What’s more, the camera even lets you use your phone’s GPS to record eactly where you are when you captured the photo.

Another nice feature of the Samsung SH100 is the facility for backing up your photos to you PC via two-button procedure or to connect directly to an HDTV via DNLA. The camera also lets you record HD videos and share it instantly via YouTube. Of course, you can also directly upload photos to Facebook, Picasa or Photobucket as well as send them vial email. To ensure connectivity all the time, the Samsung SH100 comes with a Boingo account which practically gives you Wi-Fi access to more than 200,000 hotspots.

The Samsung SH100 retails for $199.99 and will be available by March 2011.

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