Google’s Chrome Web Store said to be suffering gin terms of people buying apps

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Google's Chrome Web Store said to be suffering gin terms of people buying apps

Taking aside the fact that the Chrome Web Store is just a month old at this point, and the main device for using it was only sent to a limited amount of beta testers — it looks like not that many people are actually using the Web Store to buy web apps. The numbers are coming by way of TechCrunch, who are reporting that one of the “Top Paid” apps has only been seeing 65 installs per week. And this is for an app that is relatively low priced, it is $2.99. Seems people are not quite as willing to spend money for web apps as they are for mobile apps. Or else, maybe not enough people are using the Web Store at this point because like we said, it is new and device support is limited. That said, further details state that after Google takes its cut from that 65 per week at $2.99 the developer would be getting roughly $165 per week. Now I for one would love an extra $165 per week, but at the same time it is fairly safe to say that amount is not likely to attract lots of new developers. And interestingly enough, the free apps seem to be doing much better in terms of weekly downloads with the Quick Note app doing 8,000 in this past week alone.

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