CES 2011: Monster goes crazy with Tron tie-ins

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Monster Cable Tron products

Last year Monster announced it partnered with Disney to create a line of Tron headphones. Today at CES Monster expanded upon that idea to add a slew of new Tron-themed products.

The headphones are all the same as we’ve seen before, though now the surround sound has a name from Monster: HDHS. HDHS stands for HD Headphone Surround, and will be a part of the T1 and T3 Tron headphones. The T1 now come in a Daft Pink-themed version, which are white and have the Daft Punk logo on them. Each pair of the limited edition Daft Punk T1 headphones will have a copy of the Tron soundtrack mixed for surround sound included.

To go along with the Tron headphones, Monster has announced a Tron iPod docking station, the iPod Sound Dock. The docking station has LED lights around the side which can be controlled using Monster’s first iOS app. There’s also a Tron-themed PS3 accessory, the PS3 Power Center and Charging Station, which has four USB ports and Monster CleanPower.

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