CES 2011: Audiovox CarLink apps gives you remote start from anywhere

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Surprisingly, Audiovox had something somewhat exciting to announce at their CES press conference. Despite the company’s name, the interesting product is actually focused on cars and smartphones.

CarLink is an app that will activate remote start in your car from anywhere in the world. It has four simple functions: remote start, lock, unlock and alarm sound. Unlike a traditional remote start, there’s no range limit on CarLink. Wherever you are with 3G signal, you can start or lock your car.

The downside to CarLink is the price. It’s $250 for the system and first year, and $30 per year for the service after that. The App will work on iOS, Android or BlackBerry. According to Audiovox, it will work with 90 percent of Audiovox-branded security systems in cars already.

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