CES 2011: Sony intros three new Bloggie camcorders, one is 3D-capable

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Sony Bloggie 3D rear

Now here’s something cool coming out from the CES 2011 and it’s not related to anything Android or tablet. Sony has just announced its latest pocketable camcorder from the Sony Bloggie camcorder series dubbed Bloggie 3D. Yes dear folks. As its name suggests, this new Sony camcorder boasts of 3D or 2D video and photo capture capabilities. thanks to its two lenses and two image sensors including a stereo microphone and built-in LED light, this camcorder will let your capture 3D video which can be played back on its 2.4-inch LCD screen even without 3D glasses on. However, if you want to view this 3D video on an HDTV, you still need to put those 3D glasses on.

Sony Bloggie 3D

Aside from the Bloggie 3D, Sony is also biringing in the Bloggie Duo camcorder featuring a dual-screen option. This camcorder has two LCD screens, a 2.7-inch on the back and a 2.0-inch on the front, located under the camera lens. It also has a built-in LED light and will be available in violet, green, pink, and white.

The last of these three new Sony camcorders is the entry-level camera simply dubbed Bloggie. This camera sports a 2.7-inch wide LCD screen and an ultra compact, lightweight design and form factor. This Bloggie camera will be avalable in black and white.

The Sony Bloggie and Bloggie Duo will be available sometime in March for $150 and $170 respectively. While the Sony Bloggie comes one month after and will be priced for about $250.

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  • Dips

    The Sony Bloggie camcorder line has two 3D model equipped lenses, 2 image sensors, 2.4 inch LCD screen and a stereo microphone and LED light which makes it most appealing.

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  • ruben rubert

    Nice specification 2.7-inch wide LCD screen, ultra compact, lightweight form factor which would make this camcoder very handy.