Runkeeper announces new features including Heart Rate Monitoring

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Runkeeper announces new features including Heart Rate Monitoring While the RunKeeper Pro apps for both Android and iOS remain free for the month of January, the team over at RunKeeper continue to add new features and bring new support. As of now the two new features for both mobile platforms include Heart Rate Monitoring as well as Selective Activity and Map Sharing.

Heart Rate Monitoring. RunKeeper now supports the Wahoo heart rate monitor for the iPhone and the Polar WearLink®+ transmitter with Bluetooth® for Android to provide real-time heart rate data straight to the RunKeeper app on your mobile device.

Selective activity and map sharing. Now you can set your activity and maps viewing options to just your street teammates! Whether you’re running, cycling or training for another activity, you choose who to share it with.

In addition, those using RunKeeper on the iPhone can also expect to see two-way sync and additional audio cues. And for those running with Android, these last two features are notes as coming soon.

Two-way sync. Your entire activity history on is now synchronized with your RunKeeper app. If you add, delete or update an activity on your account, it will appear on the RunKeeper app (and vice versa).

Additional Audio Cues. You can now get audio cues for your current pace, the average pace of your current split or interval, as well as speed.

With that, there was one other new feature added to the Android app, manual activity entry, which was previously available for the iPhone.

Manual activity entry. You can now enter workouts you do on the treadmill or other gym cardio equipment in the mobile app using the new manual entry input type. Now you can log all your workouts, not just the ones you track with GPS.

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