Windows Phone 7 coming to Sprint & Verizon, but not before the Copy & Paste software update arrives

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Steve Ballmer took to the stage during the CES keynote and amongst some other items, he did take some time to talk Windows Phone 7. And it seems there is a little bit of good news and bad news for those waiting with Verizon and/or Sprint. First, the good, the Windows Phone 7 devices will have Copy & Paste when they arrive with the two US based CDMA carriers. The bad, that software update is not expected to arrive for a few months and the handsets are not scheduled to release just yet. In fact, as of now the WP7 release with Sprint and Verizon as still tipped as the general sometime ‘in the first half of 2011.’

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  • RWenger

    I think this venture is important for the future of Microsoft. Phones are, and will continue to be, a huge market. Google and Apple are in for the long haul, and I think Microsoft needs to make a serious effort in order to make it work. I don't see the Windows Phone making much of an impact.