AT&T bargain bins the iPhone

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If you’re like me, a break up with a girlfriend or boyfriend means a healthy burning of old photos. That is what seems to be going on over at AT&T with Apple. Beginning Friday, AT&T will sell the iPhone 3GS for just $49, 1/2 of the price they charge today. Beyond that, you can grab the same phone for just $19 out of the bargain bin. Holy moley, talk about your blue light specials.

“We want to deliver the best, most complete package for our customers – from price, to speed, to worldwide access and more,” said David Christopher, chief marketing officer of AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. “Combined with our new, lower monthly data plans beginning at just $15 a month, this new price brings even more value to one of the most popular devices in our leading lineup of smartphones. We’re very excited for more people to experience iPhone on the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network.”

OK, so AT&T has lowered entry barriers like initial cost and monthly data plan to attract buyers. They’ve also upped the ETF fee to $350. In the words of Admiral Ackbar, “it’s a trap.”

The $19 iPhone 3GS is a “refurb cosmetic blem”, which means it’s been lovingly pre-scratched for you, but it still works fine. Since the 3GS isn’t affected by the mighty death-grip, fine might be an understatement. Will AT&T move the refurb price from $49 to something lower? (I doubt it as their catalog is littered with illogical propositions)

Is this all writing on the wall that a Verizon iPhone is inbound? Personally, I don’t think it gets clearer than this.

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