CES 2011: AT&T’s first 4G phone, the Motorola Atrix

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Motorola Atrix

Motorola is making a bold claim with the Atrix, claiming it’s the most powerful smartphone in the world. That could very well be true, but a more apt description would be that the Atrix is perhaps the most innovative phone we’ve seen so far.

The Motorola Atirx has a pair of interesting accessories, both of which are docks. The first is a standard dock with display out, and a few USB ports. The second is a very thin laptop. Both of these docks turn the Atrix into a full computer using the Webtop app. The app brings a full Linux-esque experience with a keyboard and mouse.

It looks like Webtop is surprisingly fast, and could potentially replace the need for having both a smartphone and a laptop, especially at events such as CES.

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