CES 2011: Bling Nation hopes to make it easier to pay with PayPal

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Bling Nation

When the Nexus S launched, and even before, there was much talk about how NFC could one day replace your wallet, letting you use it to make payments. That isn’t exactly here yet, but Bling Nation is with an RFID sticker for phones.

Bling Nation makes the Bling Tag, a small sticker that you stick on the back of your cell phone, that links to your PayPal. It makes is easy to pay for stuff at stores that support the system. The tag can also link to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Yelp. That way you can share your location with friends, or easily follow the store where you swiped the tag.

Before you start thinking about the privacy issues associated with the Bling Tag, know that no information is stored on the tag itself, and you need a PIN to give the information to anyone else.

For now Bling Tag is only available in the Bay Area, but will be rolling out nationwide in the coming months. Seems like it could be a decent system before NFC really takes off. Once that happens, it could still be popular with the feature-phone market, but probably not so much with those of us who use smartphones.

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