Bifocals just became extinct – thanks electronically charged LCD crystals!

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PixelOptics EmPower uses LCD crystals to obsolete bifocalsIf you think a pair of glasses taped together at the nose bridge was geeky, then PixelOptics has just upped the ante with their EmPower glasses. These glasses feature a bit more than glass and plastic to make your vision better. On board, the glasses sport an accelerometer, battery, and focusing lenses.

Forget today’s bifocal lenses, EmPower has LCD crystals that when charged can change the focus of of the glasses. This can happen at the touch of a tiny button on the frame or set the accelerometer to do the job – simply tilt your head down for reading to activate the charge. Sounds so simple now.

“Wearers will instantly achieve optimal vision no matter where they look – far, near, or in-between. In addition, lenses based on PixelOptics electronic technology will dramatically reduce distortion typically associated with conventional state-of-the-art bifocals and progressive addition lenses. This is accomplished by changing the index of refraction of an electro-active layer located within the lens. This technology is the first ophthalmic solution that crosses over into the consumer electronic health sector.”

Sound good enough? Users will pay a 25-30% premium for the technology and still require a prescription as a doctor will still be required to set up the glasses custom for your vision. The glasses will also need to be charged at night. That’s one more battery charger I think we can deal with.

Available this April.

Company site: [PixelOptics]
image credite: PCMag

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