CES 2011: Griffin introduces possibly the coolest iPad accessory and app ever

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Griffin Crayola ColorStudio HD for iPad
The iPad is great for kids, if you don’t believe me, hand the device to a young kid sometime and see how long it takes for them to give it back. Or, bring them to the iPad display in the Apple store and see how long you spend in the store if you don’t pull them away. It’s only natural then that Crayola would try to create something for the iPad for kids.

Yes, that’s right, Crayola. The crayon company has teamed with Griffin to create what could be the coolest iPad accessory yet, a stylus shaped like a Crayola crayon. To go along with the stylus, there’s an app called Crayola ColorStudio HD so you can color in pictures using all 64 colors of crayons, colored pencils, markers and pastels from Crayola. The app, when it launches will have 30 pictures to color, each with hidden easter eggs to discover. If you have the need, you can set the app to not allow coloring outside the lines. Or, if you don’t want to color in Griffin’s pictures, you can free sketch using the stylus on a blank canvas. The app can tell the difference between the stylus and your finger, so there’s no need to worry about messing up your picture by resting your hand on the screen.

You’ll notice that I stopped mentioning kids in that paragraph. That’s because I personally want this stylus and app. I’m sure this will land me in JG Mason’s “Who’s on Crack in Tech,” but the Crayola stylus and app look to be some of the coolest things I’ve seen done on the iPad to date, especially in terms of just pure imagination. The stylus will be available sometime in Q1 2011 for $30, and the app will be free. Maybe a steep price for personal use, but likely invaluable if you have kids.

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