CES 2011: Samsung claims title of biggest LED 3DTV

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Samsung 75-inch LED 3DTV

In the past CES has been home to a great many large TVs. Last year the race to be the biggest was offset by the race to get the best 3D. Now Samsung is hoping that having the biggest 3DTV will mean something. Well, maybe not the biggest 3d TV but the biggest 3DTV backed by LEDs.

This is Samsung’s 75-inch LED 3DTV. It’s pretty massive, to say the least. The best part is that this TV will actually make it to consumers one day. Samsung plans to have the TV out in the second half of this year. Unfortunately there’s no pricing yet, but expect to be paying quite a bit for the privilege.

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  • JCW

    If your 3D tv is the biggest I dare you to put one in my house for free that would be big!!!