CES 2011: House of Marley launches a full line of headphones to compete with Monster

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House of Marley headphones

Ever since Monster started teaming with Dr Dre, headphones companies have tried to team with musicians to make new headphones. One of the newest partnerships is with HoMedics who is working with the family of the great reggae artist Bob marley to create a whole line of audio equipment.

The equipment in the line range from low-end earbuds for $30, all the way up to $300 over-the-ear headphones. There’s more than just headphones, with iPod docks including one that comes in a carrying case so you can ring it around anywhere you want. There’s three ranges of products from those who just want inexpensive headphones with nice designs, those who want to spend a bit more for better quality sound and the $300 headphones and $500 dock for professionals, or those who fancy themselves professionals.

According to House of Marley, the products are made with four principles in mind: superior quality, sustainably sourced, cause minded and waste conscious. For quality, the company tests all the headphones with reggae music (while Monster tests the Beats with hip hop, specifically “In The Club” by 50 Cent), also keep in mind nobody sets out to make a bad product, ever. The second principle means that House of Marley products use as little plastic as possible, wand what isn’t natural is recycled and can be recycled back. Not only that, but a portion of all sales of the equipment will go to 1Love, the Marley family’s nonprofit wich supports charities that “empower youth, protect our planet and encourage global peace.” Waste conscious is a bit obvious: use recycled material for product and packaging.

House of Marley is trying to compete with Monster in terms of headphone quality here, though it has a bit of an uphill battle. It’d be nice if someone can provide some high-quality competition for Monster. We’ll have to wait a few months to see if House of Marley can do it, the headphones in their booth were all hand-built models. They sounded pretty good for the few seconds I got to use them, but it’s hard to tell on the noisy show floor how good they really are.

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