CES 2011: iPad lookalike, actually an Android tablet

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Fake iPad

Android tablets, they’re everywhere at CES. Some of them look fantastic, but others fall flat and don’t seem they can be very good at all. This Android tablet goes a different way for on of it’s 5-inch tablets, it outright copies the most popular tablet out there.

This Android tablet has no qualms about being an iPad knock-off, the back is completely styled to look like the iPad 3G+WiF. Instead of having an Apple logo in the middle of the back, this tablet has a little Android etched into it, which is actually kind of neat. As a device, it doesn’t work well, with only three physical buttons: power, back, and menu. Search and Home are nowhere to be found as actual buttons.

To make matters worse, the tablet doesn’t just fake the outside, it fakes the software. I was intrigued by the Plants vs Zombies icon in the Apps tray, as I was pretty sure the game has not yet been released on the Android, and certainly not in Chinese. I was right, the icon loaded what looked to be a janky knockoff version of PopCap’s popular game, with terribly designed zombies sprites. I didn’t have to chance to really play the game, but it couldn’t have been much fun.

It should be said that this tablet isn’t going to hit the market at all, it’s simply a model for OEMs to pick up the hardware.

Hit the gallery to see all the shots I took of the tablet.

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  • TonyAnthony

    yeah, it’s simply a model for OEMs to pick up the hardware.
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