CES 2011: Sungale announces 7- and 10-inch Android tablets

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Last year Sungale, makers of the terrible Cyberus Engine announced their first Android tablet that was running Android 1.6 at the time. This year there’s two more from the company, this time running Android 2.2.

The tablets come in 7- and 10-inch varieties. Both are a bit anemic, with resistive screens and fairly slow response time. If there’s an upside to the devices it’s that the 10-inch version is running something close to stock Android, and it has Angry Birds beta pre-installed. I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to see how well Angry Birds runs on the platform, but I imagine it chugs along. The 7-inch version was running a bizarre skin that simply put red boxes under app icons, and changed the app tray button the red.

The tablets are fairly cheap, running $229 for the 7-incher and $299 for the 10-incher. Not sure how that will compare to the looming iPad 2, though.

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