CES 2011: Razer Sixense is now Razer Hydra, with significant changes

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Razer Hydra

Last year at CES I stopped by the small Razer booth to find an interesting new product called Sixense, that brought motion control to gaming. I’ve seen it since then, always with the same design. At CES 2011 Razer gave the system a new name, Hydra and a brand new design.

Whereas previous versions of Sixense were wireless, using a magnetic field emanating from a black monolith to sense where the wands were, the Hydra has wires running from a green and black ball to the wands. The previous wands were black shiny plastic, which admittedly were a very pragmatic way of putting the joysticks and buttons on wands. The new wands are matte, black, and much more angular, looking more similar to the Wii Nunchuck. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to play with these new wands, as they were hand-built models.

The Hydra was being shown off playing a specially designed level in Valve’s upcoming Portal 2, which is set to launch around April/March. Razer hopes to have the Hydra ready to ship by that time. The price will be “affordable,” hopefully under $100.

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