CES 2011 Hands-on: Zaggmate iPad case

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For some reason people seem to hate the on-screen keyboard for the iPad. Naturally, because of that, there have been a ton of cases that sport keyboards for the iPad, just in case you have a problem just using a laptop in case. One of the latest examples of these cases is the Zaggmate from Zagg.

The Zaggmate is a fairly simple case: it’s simply a very thin keyboard that doubles as a case when not in use. Unfortunately, the case only let’s you put the iPad screen down, so the screen protected, but you can’t use it at all. To use the keyboard, you have to set the iPad to stand up using the rather flimsy plastic stand, and turn on the keyboard.

Typing on the keyboard is not fun, at all. I have used netbook keyboards before, I used an Eee PC 901 in class everyday for a full year. Still I was having trouble with this 88% keyboard. The keys responded fairly well, though even typing while looking at the keyboard I was unable to type what I wanted to. It would be nice to have the volume control buttons from the keyboard to use on the iPad, but the rest was certainly not worth it.

Zagg said it’s working on a version for the Galaxy Tab, and I can’t imagine that would be fun to use at all.

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