Verizon iPhone = suckers bet? Here’s why it might be

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Tomorrow, Verizon is expected to announce the long-awaited iPhone on their network. While we can all breathe a sigh of relief, unfortunately we’ve still a ton of questions. Many of these questions could (or should) stop people from buying the iPhone.

Let’s start with the easy ones. Ones like, assuming we’re looking at an iPhone 4 with CDMA radio, how did Apple resolve antennagate? Offering free bumpers might work with just one carrier, but the weak solution can’t fly with Verizon too. Have they finally got the white color ready?

There questions that require thought like, how will the Verizon plans differ from AT&Ts? Will FaceTime now work over their network instead of being restricted to WiFi like at AT&T? Will the Verizon network be brought to its knees in Vegas next CES?

How about the bigger questions: if we see a January/February launch of Verizon’s iPhone 4 variant, what happens in June when Apple launches iPhone 5 on AT&T? Will AT&T have an exclusive on the new design until next Jan/Feb? That doesn’t sit well. Will Verizon get an iPhone 5 in June too? Does that mean the Verizon iPhone 4 is a sucker bet and users should hold out?

And how about LTE? I think it safe to say this version of the iPhone will not have an LTE radio. Verizon focused very heavily on LTE at CES and showed off 10 up and comers that will launch this year. I don’t believe they’ll add iPhone to that list tomorrow.

But how about in June? Apple isn’t going to sit by while Android gets decorated in 4G from head to toe and show up with just 3G only iPhone (I can hear “wimpy wimpy wimpy” in my head). Apple is going to cram 4G into version 5, heck they might even call it 5G just to one-up Google, who knows? But if I am right, Verizon iPhone 4 is a suckers bet if in 4 months we’ll see one that can run on 4G (and you happen to live in an area that has the 4G network lit up).

We know Apple is mum on future products and offerings. They likely are not going to say anything about iPhone 5 and we’ll be left to guess/speculate on our own. Will Verizon give us indication on their plans? I am not sure they can avoid with all the 4G/LTE discussion they’ve started.

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