Verizon iPhone 4 rumors have ended — bring on the Verizon iPad & LTE iPhone rumors

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Just because it has to be said, while we are all very happy to have the Verizon iPhone officially announced because we can finally put that rumor to rest — it really only means other rumors are going to jump in place. So lets get the topics out in the open and start to discuss.

First, how long will it be until the real Verizon iPad is announced and available? We know it is coming, after all, Verizon Wireless CFO Francis Shammo recently spilled those details. And second, we know about the iPhone 4, but when is an LTE-capable iPhone going to hit Verizon?

Anyway, while still early and while some are still celebrating the announcement and soon to be release of the Verizon branded iPhone 4 — there will always be people wanting more.

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