Virgin Mobile drops unlimited wireless data plan

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virgin mobile usa Are you using Virgin Mobile’s $40, unlimited 3G broadband data plan? If you’ve been enjoying these services for quite some time now, well sorry to say that this but Virgin Mobile is sort of ditching this service. According to PC Mag, Virgin Mobile is adopting an almost similar scheme that are being used by T-Mobile and Cricket when it comes to offering unlimited data plan.

So starting February 15, once you consumed 5GB of data, your speeds will be slowed down and will go back to its usual speed after the current month is over. In case you’re wondering why Virgin Mobile is doing this – well, it has something to do with their “need to implement network controls to ensure optimal experience.”

Virgin Mobile’s Corinne Nosal said via email to PC Mag – “Customers who use BB2Go for typical email, internet surfing and reasonable downloading will likely not be impacted/notice any difference.”

Well, if this news comes to you as a letdown and you don’t want to miss high-speed, unlimited data services, you can always check out Sprint 4G/Clear which remains to offer said unlimited high-speed mobile data solution.

Via [PC Mag]

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