Victorinox Secure SSD: 512GB in a pocket knife

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Victorinox Secure SSD

Don’t you just love it when someone comes out with a device that is utterly pointless yet so cool that you can’t ignore it? If that’s the case for you, feast your eyes on the Vlctorinox Secure SSD: the world’s smallest pen-drive with a storage capacity of up to half of a terabyte. The drive comes equipped with a monochrome 96 x 46-pixel e-Paper display that shows pertinent information such as storage capacity as well as the owner’s name. And fear not of the SSD’s connectivity as it can easily be plugged into any standard USB slot. Victorinox has also added a connector to hook into an eSATA II port which allow for the regular desired transfer speeds.

The drive has not been officially been given a price tag just yet, but we can’t expect it to be all that pocket-friendly. I mean, can’t you just imagine being at a camping trip with a couple of buddies when you bust this drive out and show them how many digital files you can carry in your pocket knife? You’ll be the coolest cat in town.

The Victorinox Secure SDD is expected to be released in 128GB and 256GB models in March while the big daddy 512GB version will debut sometime later this year. Happy camping.

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