Apple to bring back iPad Lock Switch in iOS 4.3? [Rumor]

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Apple to bring back iPad Lock Switch in iOS 4.3

When Apple updated the iPad to iOS 4 they removed one nice feature — the orientation lock switch on the side of the device. Well, technically they did not remove the switch itself, however they changed the functionality from being an orientation lock to being a volume mute switch. With that, plenty of iPad users (most likely those who use their iPad for reading) become upset and began hoping that the orientation lock would return. Well, flash forward till today and the most recent iOS beta, iOS 4.3 and it looks like that many be happening. The latest details are shown in the above screenshot and clearly show the option to use the “side switch” as either a mute or lock. Now lets just hope that this remains throughout the beta and actually comes available once iOS 4.3 gets into the hands of the end users.

Via [iSource]

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