Netflix has to charge more in order to get HBO content

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Netflix seems to be doing everything in it’s power to get as much content as possible available for streaming. While some TV networks have signed on to stream their TV shows, it seems Netflix doesn’t have a chance at getting HBO content. The reason, of course, has to do with money.

According to The Hollywood Reporter citing an unnamed source at Time Warner which owns HBO, Netflix would have to charge customers something closer to $20 instead of the current $7.99 for streaming. At that price the company would be able to get a “meaningful amount of HBO content.” The reason is because HBO wants to retain it’s exclusivity, especially when it comes to the channel’s “high-value content.” Basically, it’s shows are expensive to make, so it needs to charge a lot for us to watch them.

This doesn’t come as a complete surprise, though it is a bit depressing. The only way to get HBO is by subscribing to it through your cable provider, with no chance to watch the content instantly if you don’t have cable. There is HBO Go, but that requires the same subscription through your cable provider. It would be nice if HBO offered some sort of streaming for those of us who don’t want cable subscriptions. Don’t we deserve the chance to give HBO money to watch Boardwalk Empire?

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