Apple and Verizon could see as many as 15 million iPhones shipped in 2011

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While we are still waiting for Verizon to officially make the iPhone 4 available, which is coming on February 10th, it looks like DigiTimes is making some rather impressive demand estimates. According to the latest, they have the CDMA iPhone production numbers being bumped up to 15 million in 2011.

“Taiwan-based notebook maker Pegatron Technology has recently started shipping its Apple CDMA iPhones orders with total volume is estimated to be around 12-15 million units in 2011,”

And for those keeping track, this was up from an initial expected shipment of “about” 10 million for they year.

Read [DigiTimes] Via [BGR]

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  • eoinrodricks

    I have a blackberry phone but i want to buy Apple and Verizon iphone and i'm waiting for this.

  • eoinrodricks

    i have use many type of mobile and now i am waiting for Apple and Verizon's iphone.