T-Mobile offers up G-Slate “4G tablet with Android 3.0″ sign up page

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T-Mobile offers up G-Slate 4G tablet with Android 3.0 sign up page

While we already knew that T-Mobile was planning to release the LG G-Slate Android tablet, that device now appears to be one step closer to an actual release. It seems T-Mobile has launched their official T-Mobile G-Slate “4G tablet with Android 3.0″ sign up page. The teaser site is asking for a few personal details and currently offering little, other than the promise of being notified when further information comes available. With that, what it does mention is that this will be the first 4G tablet from T-Mobile and that the device will feature the “latest Google mobile innovations” and be running Android 3.0 Honeycomb.

Read [T-Mobile] Via [TmoNews]

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