Android by the numbers, many still using older OS versions

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Android versions

Every few weeks Google releases the numbers for Android detailing the percentage of users that are using each version of the OS. This latest set of numbers includes Gingerbread, though the number of users is very small.

According to the latest numbers, just under 52 percent of Android users are on Android 2.2 Froyo. So, just over half of the users are technically a version behind. Technically because the Gingerbread update is only available on the Nexus S at the moment, so 2.2 is essentially the latest version for everyone else. Just under Froyo, we have about 35% of users on Eclair, Android 2.1. That would include most Galaxy S users, as Samsung hasn’t updated those phones yet. That leaves 7.9% running 1.6 and 4.7% running Android 1.5.

Having users still running on Android 2.1 is almost excusable, but it seems downright sad that some are still stuck on 1.X. The platform changed a lot even between 2.1 and 2.2, and it’s almost completely different in terms of user experience when jumping from 1.X to 2.X. Some of those older phones are seeing upgrades, T-Mobile just announced that the last of the MyTouch 3G phones will start getting 2.2 in the coming weeks, so we could see the numbers tilt towards the latest versions soon.

Hopefully Google will get around to putting Ginderbread on more devices soon. Right now only 0.4% of users are on it.

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