Gadgetell Review: Coby Kyros 7015-4G Tablet

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Coby Kyros Last month, Coby unveiled its Kyros 7015-4G MID (Mobile Internet Device). The tablet sports a 7” screen, runs Android 2.1, is WiFi enabled and sports an HDMI port and a MicroSD slot in addition to its 4GB of internal memory. While it’s gotten a bad rap but some, I can tell you it’s a well built, solid device and a good tablet-probably one of the best you’ll find for $200 or less.

If you’re expecting a low budget iPad, you’re going to be disappointed. There’s no multi-touch and the screen is resistive rather than capacitive. This isn’t necessary a bad thing. It comes with a nice built in stylus and frankly its soft keyboard is a lot easier to type on than the iPad’s. It does run fine out of the box but it gets even better with tweaking. The built in Appslib is adequate, and there are ways to get the Android Market on it, although Google frowns on doing so. You can however use Google to search for the apps you want, download them, and install them yourself. You just need an app installer app, which you can find in Appslib. I’ve got the Kindle and Nook apps as well as YouTube, Weatherbug, Facebook, and the Skyfire browser. All work great. Web browsing is fast and the screen is quite nice, making viewing web pages very pleasant. A simple double tap on the screen lets you zoom in and out. However, like the iPad, the Kyros doesn’t do flash. You can view some flash content through the Skyfire browser however as it uses some sort of proxy.

The Kyros makes an excellent portable e-reader and internet device and it also plays videos with no problems. The quality is very good. I know a lot of people think low budget when they hear the Kyros name, but this time they’ve really put out an excellent product that is well worth looking at if you like the Samsung Galaxy Tab but find it out of your budget.

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