Motorola Xoom & HTC Thunderbolt ‘minimum advertised prices’ revealed, look to be $799 & $249

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Motorola Xoom and HTC Thunderbolt minimum advertised prices revealed look to be 799 and 249

It looks like a bit of pricing information has been leaked for the Motorola Xoom tablet and the HTC Thunderbolt smartphone. More specifically the pricing is the MAP, or minimum advertised pricing. And interestingly enough it seems to have gone into effect as of yesterday. That aside though, the Motorola Xoom is showing a price of $799.99 and the HTC Thunderbolt is showing a price of $249.99. The pricing seems to be a little off though. For example the the Xoom seems to be a bit high if you were getting that with a two-year agreement, while the Thunderbolt seems in line with what we would expect the two-year contract pricing to be. Of course, the key here comes in with the fact that this is leaked info and nothing official. In other words, things can and likely still will change.

Via [AndroidCentral]

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