White iPhone 4 appears in internal AT&T systems

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AT&T OLAM white iPhone 4

It’s hard to believe Apple still has yet to produce the white version of the iPhone 4 since its monumental launch back in June of 2010. We are nearly four months away from the one year mark and many are still wondering when the white iPhone 4 will launch. Today, we have some good news for anyone holding out for the white smartphone as an internal AT&T leak shows the presence of the iPhone 4 – 16GB white and iPhone 4 – 32GB white. The internal screenshot shown above represents the Online Account Management, which is a legitimate source, but it does not announce any prospective dates for the launch of the white iPhone 4.

At this point, I would wait until the iPhone 5 launches and hope Apple will have the white version ready immediately.

Via [BGR]

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