Rumor: Apple to include NFC in iPad 2 and iPhone 5

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The details seem to just be coming out on this one, and so far they are fairly light in actual detail. Basically what we have is word coming from analyst Richard Doherty from the Envisioneering Group stating that Apple will be including NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in the “next iteration of the iPhone for AT&T” as well as the iPad 2. Furthermore, he also stated that both devices will be introduced this year. Interesting how it was spelled out as iPhone for AT&T and not just the iPhone in general, but I suppose that would be reading into what could be an innocent statement. But still, it does leave one to wonder just how different the iPhones path will be between Verizon and AT&T. Either way though, it looks like if you want an iPhone with NFC then you may be getting stuck with AT&T for now.

Read [Bloomberg] Via [9to5Mac]

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