Is AT&T allowing iPhone 4 users return to unlimited data?

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AT&T logo width= AT&T may have simultaneous voice and data capabilities, but Verizon Wireless has unlimited data for smartphone owners. The amount of users who use simultaneous voice and data is sizable, but the amount of users who use/would like unlimited data is even more significant. One of Verizon’s biggest weapons in trying to win over iPhone 4 customers from AT&T is the fact that they still allow unlimited data plans for $30, even though they do plan to move to tiered data eventually. Since last June, AT&T has done away with unlimited data for $30 a month, and instead implemented a $25 monthly fee for 2GB of data with a $10 fee for every 1GB overage.

According to a report coming from the Associated Press, one customer has been successful in switching from a limited data plan (2GB for $25 a month) to the $30 a month unlimited data plan, which was previously restricted to those who were grandfathered. Now, Jose Argumedo, the AT&T customer who succeeded, originally had an unlimited data plan but opted to switch to a limited one. However, being a power user, Argumedo would much rather use unlimited data, and after threatening AT&T to switch to Verizon Wireless, they reinstated his unlimited data plan. However, a similar customer tried to do the same thing but was denied on grounds of never originally having unlimited data.

It seems as if there is a discrepancy in AT&T’s contract that most of us aren’t even aware exists. If AT&T is allowing customers who switched from unlimited data to the 2GB cap to switch back, they may be able to salvage some fed up AT&T customers. Naturally, AT&T denied to comment on this matter and merely stated “We handle customers and their situations individually, and we’re not going to discuss specifics.”

Via [WSJ]

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