Zuckerberg’s Facebook fan page hacked

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Zuckerberg's Facebook fan page hacked

It’s 9:00 PM on Wednesday night; do you know who’s hacking your Facebook profile? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s fan page was hacked earlier this week by an anonymous evil doer who left a message claiming that Facebook should look to become a “social business.”

The comment, which was seemingly posted by Zuckerberg, was promptly removed from the fan page but not before it received 1,800 “likes” and a few hundred comments. Here’s what the hacker had to say about Facebook:

“Let the hacking begin: If facebook needs money, instead of going to the banks, why doesn’t Facebook let its users invest in Facebook in a social way? Why not transform Facebook into a ‘social business’ the way Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus described it? [LINK] What do you think? #hackercup2011″

So the founder and CEO of Facebook is getting his page hacked, shouldn’t we be worried about this happening to us? Well, probably not seeing as how we don’t own the largest social networking site in the world. And if you know anything about hacking, it’s only a matter until a security system can be breached.

Facebook has yet to comment on the incident.

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