HTC Thunderbolt will be able to use simultaneous voice and 3G data with Verizon?

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Personally I think that the whole ‘cannot use voice and data’ argument is not that big of a deal. I was an AT&T customer for years and rarely found the need to use both at the same time, and then went to Verizon where I cannot use both at the same time and still cannot once remember feeling put out because I could not get data while on an active call. That said, it seems that many AT&T iPhone users are citing this as a reason to not jump ship to Big Red. Anyway, it has always been described as simply not being possible with Verizon using 3G data. And well, it seems that may soon be changing, except not with the iPhone 4, but with an Android smartphone instead. The details are coming by way of a leaked image from Verizon that states how the HTC Thunderbolt will be able to use “3G simultaneous voice & data.” The full statement reads as follows;

There is functionality in the Thunderbolt that allows simultaneous voice and data while on the VZW 3G network, however, we cannot promise the experience will be one that is consistent with our brand.  As a result, do not reference this functionality as a benefit during your conversations with customers.

Via [Phandroid]

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