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Android tablets needs lower prices says developers

If you poll a bunch of developers and ask them what Android needs, what do you think they’d say? A more optimized operating system designed for tablets? Nope. Greater hardware capabilities (look it’s a can opener!). Nope. A better marketplace? Nope. The answer, as it usually does, boils down to one thing: money.

Over 50% of the developers surveyed say price is the most important factor for Android succeeding. Plain and simple, without a tablet, users can’t download and hopefully pay for the developers work. For developers, tablets are a gateway drug.

If Motorola gave away their upcoming Xoom tablet to every man, women and child, these developers would be in be in the money (theoretically, at least). Back here in reality, that isn’t going to happen. In fact, there’s no talk of a subsidy at this point to help chisel down that $799 price point. So now the Xoom has to compete with the $499 iPad (common knowledge says that’s how much an iPad costs, forget the more expensive option – Apple owns the $499 price). Fair? Nope.

So what’s the deal with pricing? Motorola, Samsung and all the rest of Android tablets are using a free OS. They’ve got zero R&D tied up in this that they need to recoup. Yet, their tablet pricing isn’t any less than Apple, who has to recoup the investment. Why are these tablets not dirt cheap? With almost no barrier to entry, these companies should be able to teach Apple a lesson on pricing. But that’s not what we see; we see expensive tablets standing toe-to-toe with the iPad.

The developers believe the key to Android success is lower prices. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

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