More than 55% of AT&T smartphone buyers choose iPhone

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If you bought a smartphone last quarter from AT&T, chances are you’re on an iPhone. According to the companies earnings report, AT&T activated 4.1 million iPhones in Q4 while adding 7.4 million smartphones overall. That some impressive numbers considering the warnings from major news outlets that 2011 would be the year of the Verizon iPhone.

“2011 is the year when we’ll take mobile broadband to the next level,” Randall Stephenson, AT&T chairman and chief executive officer said. “We’re seeing 4G speeds today in areas of key markets, we’ve accelerated our LTE deployment plans, and we expect to add 20 4G devices to our lineup this year. AT&T has led the mobile broadband revolution, and we are well positioned to drive the industry’s next waves of innovation and growth.”

How will Verizon’s gain of the iPhone affect AT&T? There will be some subscriber loss as AT&T is no longer the only game in town. Without the “if you want an iPhone, you must go to AT&T” draw, those seeking smartphones from the carrier will decline, leaving other models with a higher percent of sales. Next quarter should be very telling for the carrier.

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