Skype for Mac out of beta but video calling is no longer free

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Skype for Mac

The new version of Skype for Mac has just been released and it’s no longer bears the beta signage. With the software now a full release, Skype also announced that group video calling is now part of their Premium package. This means that the said feature is no longer free. To use it, you need to purchase the Premium package which is either on a daily basis costing $4.99 or monthly for $8.99. If you haven’t tried group video calling on Skype for Mac, you can try it out for free for 7 days, after which succeeding usage of the feature will have to be paid accordingly.

So, is that a good news or not? Will you still continue using Skype for Mac even if group video calling is no longer a free feature? Well, why not? If not for the video calling feature, Skype for Mac still a pretty good VoIP client. In fact, the full version has been re-engineered based on the feedbacks of those who tried the software while still in beta.

Among the features and issues that were addressed include – downsizing the app’s size, reducing the minimum window size, tweaking the way instant messages are displayed hence reducing the amount of whitespace, making the contact monitor easier to find, bringing back the full screen mode in video calls, and making it easer to chat while on a call.

If you haven’t downloaded Skype for Mac, hit the product link below to get it installed on your machine.

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