Samsung Galaxy Tab shipments reach the 2 million milestone in just 3 months time

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Samsung has officially announced they they have now shipped 2 million Galaxy Tab tablets. Of course, with this being the most impressive (at current) Android tablet available and having such widespread availability in terms of carriers this comes with a bit less surprise. And for those looking back, Samsung announced they reached the 1 million milestone just after the device had been available for two months. So two months for 1 million and another month for 2 million. Not bad, of course the falling prices probably helped to accelerate those purchases a little bit in this past month. And given that, I would say that this would be a good time to buy the Galaxy Tab if you had been holding out, but we are expecting the Galaxy Tab 2 to be unveiled in just a few weeks so you may want to hold off for now.

Via [electronista]

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