Lets read The Becoming: Outbreak, a zombie horror novel written by a BlackBerry addict [Weekend Fun]

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Lets read The Becoming Outbreak a zombie horror novel written by a BlackBerry addict Weekend Fun While everyone’s definition of fun will likely vary, I am still going to take a chance on this one and go with a book — yes, a book as in reading. The reason is simple, for me, reading actually is fun. But otherwise, the book that I am recommending today is coming from a fellow geek, actually a self-described “BlackBerry extraordinary” and what better way to support a fellow geek than by supporting their efforts. Plus, as if it could get any more interesting, this novel was actually written on a BlackBerry. I will admit, that last one was the part that hooked me in, but that aside I started the book yesterday evening and had a hard time telling myself it was actually time for bed. Seriously, the book starts out awesome and I cannot wait to spend some more time reading today. So without further adieu, the book is called The Becoming: Outbreak and it looks to be available for the Kindle and the Nook as well as several other formats directly from the authors website. The official description reads as;

“The year is 2009. In the heart of the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia, a virus capable of casing untold misery is unleashed into the world. Known only as the Michaluk Virus, its effects are widespread and devastating. As civilization begins to crumble under the hoards of homicidal infected, three people – Ethan Bennett, a police officer with the Memphis PD; Cade Alton, his best friend and former military sniper; and Brandt Evans, a lieutenant in the US Marines – band together in an attempt to survive the oncoming crush of death and terror sweeping across the southeastern United States. Facing the deaths and destruction of everyone and everything they know, these three people discover that the only thing they can count on is each other.”

And lastly, The Becoming: Outbreak is selling for only $0.99 and it just the first of a five part series.

Read [Becoming Zombies] Via [CrackBerry]

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