Sony Bloggie Touch Software available now for Mac

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Sony Bloggie Touch Mac software

Anyone who bought the Sony Bloggie Touch pocketable camcorder may have been turned off by the fact that previously you can’t use the software that comes with the camcorder on Mac as it supports Windows PCs only. Well, that was before because now, Sony has just announced that the said software now has a Mac version.

Of course you know how important that Bloggie Touch companion software, right? It will make the tasks of uploading and managing photos and videos you’ve taken using your Sony pocketable camcorder easier and more fun for you. To get the Mac version of the software, you just need to download it from the Sony eSupport site.

While you’re downloading the software, you might also want to check out this video made by Sony showing you some of the basics of getting the new Mac version of the Sony Bloggie Touch software. You”ll also see the new interface of the software from the said video.

Read [Sony eSupport] Via [The Sony Blog]

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