Verizon iPhone 4 pre-orders already shipping?

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Verizon iPhone 4 pre-orders already shipping

It looks like Verizon is working hard to get an iPhone 4 out to those who pre-ordered. Mine, as seen from the above screenshot has already been listed as “shipped.” The order has been assigned a FedEx tracking number, however at least as of this posting there is nothing in terms of the history for shipping. In other words, while Verizon was touting free next day by 3PM shipping and my order has technically “shipped” I am not expecting it to arrive today. That said, I am fairly certain that neither Apple, Verizon or FedEx would head any complaints if it were to be delivered. And for those wondering, I was online at 3AM sharp to get my order in. Lastly, while we may begin seeing these notifications pop-up online it seems that this is just the prep work for Verizon and the shipments will begin arriving on the 10th or maybe a day early at best. That said, this is one case I hope that I am wrong.

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