Google launches translation app for iOS

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Google Translate for iOS
Despite having it’s own popular mobile OS to build apps for, Google still somehow finds the time to bring it’s services to Apple’s iOS. Translation is just the latest example of such an app. The app is just like Google’s web version, but with a few mobile enhancements.

As with all Google apps you can speak into your iOS device to get a translation, or you can just input text. The app will understand 15 spoken languages, and translate about 50 of them. The app can even recite up to 23 languages. In case you’re in a crowded area, or you’re using one of the 27 other languages, the text can be made bigger in fullscreen mode, making it easier for others to just read what you’re trying to say.

Of course the app wouldn’t be all that useful on the fly without a data connection. But, those with an iPod touch or who can’t get data to their iPhone, the app will store starred phrases for offline use. So you can prepare a few useful phrases before you leave just in case you need them. Like other Google apps, it’s available for free in the App Store.

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