iOS eating Android’s lunch in Enterprise?

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iOS eating Android's lunch in enterprise?

In a new report from Good Technology, the company’s customers are activating iOS devices at a much higher rate than Android. Good Technology provides enterprise-grade mobile security and control. According to Good, 65% of activations in Q4 of 2010 were iOS devices.

The report revealed iPhone 4 as the most popular device activated. Various iPhone models (from iPhone 4 to 3GS to 3G) accounted for 58% of smartphone activations. Android devices claimed 40% of smartphones activated during the period with Droid X and Droid 2 earning top Android device spots. Good points out in smartphones, iOS and Android have similar growth curves.

So how did iOS get bumped over iPhone activations? The iPad. The tablet accounted for almost a quarter of activations overall, 22%. It’s an impressive figure that indicates tablets may have indeed found a home in enterprise.

Of note: both Windows Mobile and Symbian completely dropped off the top 10 devices for the quarter.

Read: [Good Technology Report (PDF)] via [AllThingsD]

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