Gadgetell Hands On: Dell Vostro V130 notebook

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Gadgetell Hands On Dell Vostro V130 notebook

We have spent some quality time with the Dell Vostro V130 notebook over the past few weeks, and while we are still putting our thoughts into words, we did want to share some images of the notebook itself. And without giving away all that much, we will say that for the most part, this was a rather nice notebook to have in house. Almost a shame that it will be boxed up and sent back in a few days time. Lastly, for those wondering, the Dell Vostro V130 is priced from as low as $429 and features a 13.3 inch display. The model that we were testing had an Intel Core i3 processor and was running Windows 7 Home Premium. That aside though, there are a few available options in terms of operating systems and processors, but more on that in the full review which will be posted later in the week.

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Disclaimer: The Dell Vostro V130 was loaned to Gadgetell by Dell for the purpose of this review.

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