Apple is detecting Jailbreaks with iBooks

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Jailbroken iBooks

Since the first iPhone was released there have been people that jailbreak the phone. Apple has made a point to prevent people from jailbreaking through improvements to the OS over time. It’s been a constant struggle between Apple and the hackers. Now Apple is taking action against jailbreakers through iBooks.

In the latest version of iBooks Apple seems to have added a way to prevent users from opening books in the app. Well, not all books, just books bought through the iBookstore. If you open the book in iBooks on a jailbroken device, you get a message that reads “There is a problem with the configuration of your iPhone. Please restore with iTunes and reinstall iBooks.” Of course, the same books will still work on any non-jailbroken device. It doesn’t happen to everyone who jailbreaks their device, though it does allegedly affect a lot of people who used greenpois0n to jailbreak their device.

It is true that the Library of Congress did declare that users should be able to modify the software on your phone if they care to. However, that doesn’t mean that Apple is in the wrong here. Books bought through iBooks have DRM that only allow them to work on certain devices. If the DRM doesn’t work on a jailbroken device, that’s not Apple’s fault. As much as I do like the idea that information should be free, when you buy DRM-laden content you can’t complain if the DRM doesn’t allow the content to be read on your device. Also, why not use Amazon Kindle from now on? More books on more devices, and it’s a lot less likely that Amazon will do the same thing Apple is doing. Sure, the books bought on iBooks might not work on a jailbroken iPhone, so they might be all but lost if you won’t restore the iPhone. oing forward use Amazon, you’ll be happier.

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